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The Best Way To Remove Stubborn Makeup

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 16 May, 2024

The Best Way to Remove Stubborn Makeup

Want to know the best way to remove your makeup without any harsh rubbing, scrubbing or stripping the skin? What if you could dissolve away even stubborn eye makeup without irritating the eyes and compromising eyelash health? The answer is a compact and eco-friendly reusable wonder called The MakeUp Eraser and trust us, once you try it you’ll wish you’d found it years ago! Furthermore, it’s Dermatologist approved and simply perfect for even skins that experience sensitivity. It’s no wonder this little makeup-removing miracle is a best-seller.

What Is a MakeUp Eraser?

Founded by Elexsis McCarthy in 2013, The Original MakeUp Eraser brand was launched after McCarthy discovered a way to remove ALL makeup without using any chemicals, oils or soap... It only needs water! It was an accidental discovery after Elexsis noticed her fluffy bathrobe was taking off her makeup as it rubbed across her damp skin. With over 15 million units sold, The MakeUp Eraser Original has become the #1 sustainable makeup and eye makeup remover in the world and has been the subject of numerous celebrity talk shows. The MakeUp Eraser removes all makeup with water, and it couldn’t be more simple to use.

The Original MakeUp Eraser is a ground-breaking patented, polyester cloth which is made of millions of tiny hair-like fibres that stand straight up. This is completely different to traditional bath towels and face washers that are made up of loops. The tiny fibres work together to create a suction effect on the pores to release makeup, dirt and oil. Simply soak in warm water to effortlessly remove all makeup including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipsticks and even pollution from your day. And to make life even easier, you can choose the MakeUp Eraser Original & Mini, or keep it fun with a limited edition MakeUp Eraser Set, one for each day of the week.


Is The MakeUp Eraser Good For Sensitive Skin?

Is your skin prone to redness and flushing, or on the sensitive side? Or perhaps you suffer from acne and blemishes and need to keep pores clean and clear? The MakeUp Eraser is your go-to at the end of each day as it is hypoallergenic plus Dermatologist approved, making these super-soft cloths perfectly suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Furthermore, the double-sided softness allows you to remove all traces of makeup from the face and eyes with the short fibre side before flipping it over to gently exfoliate and buff the skin with the long fibre side of the cloth. There’s zero scrubbing, zero detergents and zero irritation.

Skin Benefits of The MakeUp Eraser

Achieving a thorough and complete makeup removal with only The MakeUp Eraser and water is oh-so satisfying, but it’s your skin that is the real winner here. By drawing all pollutants and debris away from the skin’s surface allows for your subsequent skincare to be far more effective. Your face cleanser can go to work deeper into your pores, your serums & treatments efficiently penetrate the skin whilst moisturisers can become more powerful moisture locking products. Our planet also comes out on top with The MakeUp Eraser in your hand as it immediately negates the use for disposable wipes and can be used again and again for years!

Other Benefits of The MakeUp Eraser

  • #1 Sustainable Makeup Remover in the World
  • Machine washable
  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • A sustainable choice
  • Lasts up to 3-5 years
  • Chemical-free
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Helps eliminates waste
  • One MakeUp Eraser is equal to 3,600 disposable makeup wipes
  • Double-sided and dual-purpose (erase makeup and gently exfoliate)
  • Free of alcohol, oils, astringents, fragrances, parabens and sulphates


How to Use The Original MakeUp Eraser

Using The MakeUp Eraser really couldn’t be more simple. Just wet, wipe, exfoliate and wash.

Start by soaking The MakeUp Eraser in warm water, remembering the warmer and the wetter the better! Next, using the short fibre side of the cloth, wipe the skin with gentle circular motions to remove your makeup. Once all of your makeup has been erased, you can flip your cloth over to use the longer fibre side to gently exfoliate the skin. Now go ahead and apply your usual skincare as desired. To care for The MakeUp Eraser, simply refresh it by adding it to our towel load in the washing machine before allowing it to air or tumble dry.

As a sustainable makeup removal tool, The MakeUp Eraser plus water makes light work of stubborn makeup. The machine washable and reusable nature helps eliminate the 3rd most wasteful product globally; disposable wipes. With 1.3 billion disposable makeup wipes used daily worldwide, and it taking close to 100 years for one makeup wipe to break down, The Makeup Eraser is a clear winner as a eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to makeup removal and makeup wipes.

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