MakeUp Eraser

MakeUp Eraser

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For effortless makeup removal that doesn’t disturb the skin’s natural barrier, reach for the original MakeUp Eraser reusable cloths and pads from Activeskin. The MakeUp Eraser requires only water to shift stubborn makeup, sunscreen and pollution from the skin to leave it feeling soft, refreshed and exceptionally clean. These eco-friendly and sustainable cloths feel soft and luxurious on the skin and last up to 100 washes. By engaging SmartErase Technology, the advanced combination of fibre density and thickness enables microscopic makeup particles to be collected and removed from the skin’s surface. By working through the electroscopic and Van Der Waals forces, the high-tech microfibres are further enhanced by water to capture and lock in all traces of makeup without irritation to the skin. This makes the MakeUp Eraser the perfect gentle choice for sensitive skins and those that suffer from redness.

How to Use The Original MakeUp Eraser

The best face cleanser to rid the skin of makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum and environmental pollutants is to reach for the machine-washable MakeUp Eraser makeup removal cloth. When the MakeUp Eraser is dampened with water, the microfibres attract the makeup particles at a microscopic level and trap them in the cloth, leaving your skin clean, clear and fresh. Simply wet the MakeUp Eraser and gently wipe all over the face, neck, eyes and lips to effectively remove all traces of mascara, foundation and lipstick. Rinse to refresh should you need to tackle any stubborn makeup on the skin. The supersoft fibres trap and lift makeup, sunscreen and debris from the pores, without stripping the skin of natural oils or interfering with the skin’s natural barrier. Follow use with your preferred skincare products. The MakeUp Eraser is one of the best eye makeup removers as it gently yet effectively shifts stubborn eye makeup, including waterproof mascara with just water. Discover the best-selling The MakeUp Eraser Original Pink, The MakeUp Eraser 7 Day Set in Chill Blue or the travel-friendly The MakeUp Eraser Mini in Black.

How Long Does a MakeUp Erase Last?

The beauty of the MakeUp Eraser is the longevity and sustainable benefit it delivers, with one cloth lasting up to 100 machine wash cycles before needing to be replaced. This mess free makeup removal cloth is portable and lightweight to take when travelling, whilst the microfibres are easily cleaned and refreshed by washing with your clothes. One MakeUp Eraser cloth replaces hundreds of traditional single use makeup wipes and offers a softer, more gentle and eco-friendly alternative to benefit your skin and our planet. In fact, the MakeUp Eraser is clinically proven to remove makeup and sunscreen 2.5x better than the leading brand of makeup wipes. Furthermore, your skin remains calm, as pores are effectively cleared to leave your skin soft and refreshed with every use. Try the MakeUp Eraser Sets to keep your skin fresh each day or shift stubborn makeup with the generous MakeUp Eraser Original & Minis. With a choice of fun colours and limited editions too, your skin will love all the benefits of the MakeUp Eraser.

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