Science and nature harmoniously combine to create Antipodes, an avante-garde natural range that elevates skincare to the next level. With superior performance to rival mainstream beauty products, Antipodes draws on the highest quality raw super-fruit extracts and Certified Organic ingredients from the wealth of natural resources New Zealand has to offer. Certified Vegetarian and environmentally conscious, the creators behind Antipodes are passionate about delivering unrivalled skincare results with a high antioxidant content for all skins to enjoy. With award winning face, body and makeup products to choose from, Antipodes carves the way for a natural, high-performance and sustainable skincare option.

Antipodes Skincare And Makeup - A Wealth Of Nature

Give your skin a truly fantastic experience with Antipodes - a balanced combination of the latest technological advances of the industry and traditional knowledge of the skincare benefits of organic ingredients.

We offer an extensive range of both Antipodes skincare and makeup products so that you can easily take your skin from having the time of its life during the day to the nighttime resting and rejuvenation process by using the products that perfectly complement one another when used as a combo.

Discover our range of Antipodes makeup and skincare:

  • Antipodes Skincare. We have all the skincare essentials - from cleansers to eye creams and everything in between. 
  • Antipodes Makeup. Antipodes mineral makeup products are not only about giving you a healthy glow throughout the day - they also use organic and meticulously formulated products that will provide additional hydration, nourishment and protection to your skin, hour after hour. Antipodes makeup gives your skin that healthy subtle glow and helps you harmoniously enhance the beauty of your features every day.

Antipodes knows skin and how best to naturally preserve youthfulness. By producing high-performance and anti-ageing skincare that has been independently proven, Antipodes delivers gentle, effective and potent formulations for every skin to enjoy. By harnessing the extreme healing properties found naturally in antibacterial Manuka Honey, vitamin C rich Kiwi seed oil, repairing Avocado oil and anti-ageing Vinanza grape means your skin will absorb only the finest and most potent ingredients nature has to offer. Nourish, soothe, protect and repair all whilst preventing future skin ageing effortlessly with a nice and natural alternative your skin will love.

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