Discover the world of eco-luxe fragrances with the Ecoya home and body care range. Delicate blends of natural botanicals form Ecoya’s signature candles, diffusers, body washes and lotions handcrafted in Sydney Australia. The subtle allure of an Ecoya home fragrance can evoke memories, set the mood and make visitors relax and feel welcomed. The body care selection is simply decadent and divine, making ideal gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself. With a commitment to being as natural as possible, Ecoya delivers hypoallergenic formulas free from common nasties and natural soy wax candles for a truly luxurious sensory experience.


Discover Ecoya candles, hand soaps and diffusers

With the Ecoya range, you’ll find unique and long-lasting luxury scents that have been lovingly hand-crafted to enhance the warm and welcoming atmosphere within your home. 

Shop for luxurious home accessories that amplify the sense of calm and wellbeing or find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Here’s an overview of our coveted Ecoya collection:

  • Ecoya diffusers. A natural way to release fresh scents throughout your home, our premium quality diffusers are available in both classic and contemporary scents such as French pear, vanilla, coconut & elderflower, spiced ginger and musk - whatever your preference, we have an Ecoya diffuser that will heighten your home experience.
  • Ecoya candles. Looking to add a little something extra to your home’s look and feel, or in search of a great gift for a house-warming party or holiday gathering? Our extensive selection of Ecoya soy wax candles offers a variety of options including sweet pea and jasmine, lotus flower, blood orange and coral.
  • Ecoya body care. Discover the ever-popular Ecoya hand wash, body lotion and hand cream selections we have available at Activeskin. Not only do our Ecoya body care products make the ideal gift for any occasion but many, such as the rinse-free hand washes and mini pamper sets are also great travel companions, enabling you to indulge in a little self-care moment anywhere you go.
  • Ecoya home. Shop our selection of ecoya dish liquids, room sprays, laundry dryer balls, laundry liquids and more to help you create a calm, relaxing ambience throughout your home with every use of these eco-luxe products.
  • Ecoya gifts. This universally popular brand makes the perfect choice for a heart-warmingly thoughtful gift. Beautifully packaged and featuring a selection of the finest home fragrance and body care products, our Ecoya gift sets are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face. 


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