Lash Therapy Australia

Lash Therapy Australia

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When three best friends put their passion for beauty and longer lashes together, Lash Therapy Australia was born. This Australian owned company is transforming eyebrow & eyelash growth with their impressive 100% natural growth serums and cruelty-free formulations that are free from nasty chemicals. On a mission to enhance your natural beauty and empower women with a renewed confidence, Lash Therapy Australia delivers high-performance lash growth mascaras, brow serums and accessories to dramatically enhance lash length, density, volume, curl and thickness. Shop Lash Therapy Australia at Activeskin to see longer and stronger lashes in as little as 1-6 weeks.

How to Use Lash Growth Serum?

The key to growing longer and thicker lashes lies in the application of Lash Therapy Australia Lash Growth Serum, where results can be seen in as little as 1-6 weeks. Simply cleanse the eye area with an oil-free eye makeup remover and ensure your lashes are dry before application. Apply the serum using the soft applicator brush provided to the upper lash base line once a day, either at night or in the morning. Blot away any excess product to avoid contact with the eyes. To further amplify results and create an instant longer lash effect, simply apply the Lash Therapy Australia Every Lash Growth Serum Mascara. This eyelash defining and enhancing mascara is more than mere makeup, as it lifts and curls your lashes through a vegan formula whilst imparting enviable water resistant length to lashes.

How Long Does it Take For Lash Growth Serum to Work?

The beauty of Lash Therapy Australia is the visible results within 1-6 weeks of use. The lash growth serum and Lash Therapy Australia Eyebrow Growth Serum equally enhance hair density, length and volume through their all natural and safe formulations. With daily application as recommended, longer lashes and fuller brows are possible. The key is consistency in application, to ensure the potent natural ingredients effectively coat, nourish and replenish the hair for best results. Furthermore, the Lash Therapy Australia Lash Growth Serum can last up to 6 months when applied as directed once daily. So you can enjoy longer, fuller lashes for longer.

Is Lash Serum Bad for Your Eyes

When choosing a lash growth serum for your eyes, it’s best to choose an all natural formulation to avoid any risk of eye irritation. Like when shopping for skin care for sensitive skin, choosing a lash growth serum that is free from harsh chemicals and irritants is a wise choice. That is why Lash Therapy Australia is a clear leader when it comes to growing longer, healthier lashes thanks to their premium safe formulations that are full of 100% natural ingredients. Discover the lash enhancing power of this polypeptide formulation to add visible length, volume, curl and definition to the eyelashes without the need for false eyelashes.

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