Omnilux Contour Face

    Omnilux Contour Face

    Omnilux Contour Face


    Elevate your self-care routine with the Omnilux Contour Face. With more LEDs and a larger treatment area than any other brand on the market, the Omnilux Contour Face is based on the world’s leading Omnilux Medical™ light therapy technology. Suitable for all skin types, this TGA approved, dermatologist-recommended, portable red light therapy device uses light-emitting diodes (LED) clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while rejuvenating skin and improving its overall tone, texture, firmness, and health. Easy to use, quick and comfortable, this non-invasive & painless light therapy mask utilises two clinically proven wavelengths of light (red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm) which work on a cellular level to minimise visible signs of ageing. The flexible silicone device fits comfortably over the face while the velcro head straps hold the mask in place, allowing you to either sit or move around during the course of your treatment. 

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    - LED Type: Red and near-infrared.
    - Wavelengths: 633nm and 830nm.
    - Number of LEDs: 132 LEDs (2 per LED bulb) 66 LED bulbs.
    - Portable. 
    - 10 minute timer which automatically shuts off after use. 
    - Includes: Flexible silicone CONTOUR Face device, Rechargeable battery controller, Power supply & plug adaptors, USB C line to USB A connector, Head straps, Carry bag.
    2 year manufacturer's warranty on device & 1 year warranty on controller from date of purchase.


    Backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Please note that we do not offer a 30-day money back guarantee on Omnilux devices, Activeskin's normal Returns Policy applies. 


    DO NOT use the Omnilux Contour™ LED system to treat any other conditions apart from those listed in the indications for use. The Omnilux Contour™ LED system has not been tested for any other conditions than those listed and the risk is unknown.

    DO NOT use the Omnilux Contour™ LED system if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. The Omnilux Contour™ LED system has NOT been tested on pregnant or breast-feeding women and therefore the risk to the fetus, neonate or pregnant women is unknown.

    For a full list of contraindications, please click here.

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