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8 of the Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 10 Oct, 2023

8 Of The Best Shampoos For Oily Hair

Plus they're each formulated slightly differently to provide you with the precise, customised hair care you need!

We all have our personal hair hang-ups, but having an oily hair type is an absolute pain to deal with. It seems like the second you wash it, it starts to get greasy, limp and weighed down again before you know it. It's a constant battle that outlasts all the shampoos, hair masks, hair treatments and dry shampoos you throw at it. So, why does it happen in the first place? Not to be confused with poor hygiene, oily hair is a condition that's caused by excessive sebum production from your sebaceous glands (found at your hair root). While this oily substance can actually benefit hair by keeping it moisturised, protecting it from breakage and enhancing healthy shine, too much natural sebum results in overly oily hair that drives you bonkers. Excessive sebum production can also be caused by a poor diet or improper hair care. But mostly, it's simply hereditary and beyond your control.

We've Selected the Best Shampoo Options for Oily Hair

The solution? Frequent washing. But beware: the wrong shampoo can cause your hair to dry out and become brittle! The best shampoo for oily hair will help you manage your greasy hair, while also deep cleansing the hair of build-up, grime, and hair products. The right shampoo will help you start fresh every day and keep your hair weightless long after your old shampoos would have stopped working. The best shampoo for oily hair isn't easy to find, but trial and error can worsen the condition and leave you with more bad hair days than good. We've selected the eight best shampoo options for oily hair so you can choose from our top picks for an easy solution that conquers your hair woes once and for all.

1. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two

There's nothing more annoying than washing your hair, only to find it just as limp and weighed down as before you started. The Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two helps deep clean all hair lengths for weightless, oil-free hair without any leftover buildup or residue. A brand trusted by haircare professionals, Paul Mitchell leaves you with bouncy, full hair that smells faintly of a fresh lemon fragrance for a super clean feel.

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2. Evo Normal Persons Daily Shampoo

There is a possibility that your oily hair is actually being made worse thanks to lots of product build-up (looking at you dry shampoo!). So if you find yourself using lots of products to make your hairstyles look flawless, you need the evo Normal Persons Daily Shampoo in your shower. This deep-cleansing shampoo has been specially formulated to remove excess oils from your scalp whilst remaining gentle on the hair, as well as helping shift any product build-up. As if this weren’t enough, the cooling effect also balances and stimulates the scalp for happy and healthy hair.

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3. Klorane Organic Nettle Shampoo

Not satisfied with just cleaning hair, the Klorane Organic Nettle Shampoo for oily hair goes a step further and actively purifies your scalp for your healthiest hair yet. A clean, purified scalp means reduced oil production, making this shampoo part of the solution. As an affordable option that you can use daily, the 100% natural, organic Nettle extract regulates sebum production for immediate and lasting oil-control results you’ll love. This Klorane shampoo can be massaged into wet hair like a regular shampoo to rebalance the scalp and purify the hair without risking stripping or hair breakage.

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4. O&M Original Detox Shampoo

O&M Original Detox Shampoo provides the ultimate clarifying cleanse without any harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates or gluten for those with sensitivities. This salon professional shampoo soothes the scalp as it purifies whilst invigorating grapefruit extract and peppermint oil refreshes the scalp whilst adding antioxidant protection. Your hair will enjoy a fresh clean finish as this expert shampoo balances oil by creating a healthy scalp and removes product build up without depleting vital moisture. The result? Fresh, clean and weightless hair.

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5. A’kin Deep Clean Shampoo

This shampoo comes across like a luxurious, vintage hair product that should cost you a small fortune but doesn't (luckily for us). The A’kin Deep Clean Shampoo is a nice and natural clarifying shampoo to purify and balance oily and combination hair. It is filled with gentle, active ingredients that care for your hair while ridding it of everything that weighs it down. The astringent properties of mandarin and ginger deep clean and remove excess oil from your strands, while herb extracts and botanical cleansers hydrate and soothe without drying. You're left with silky hair that feels light as air, and smells like a delicate flower garden all thanks to this clean beauty wonder.

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6. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo keeps it simple with a reliable, consistent shampoo that cleanses your hair of all impurities leaving it manageable and fresh. Packed full of gorgeous tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender, this shampoo is the perfect way to level up your shower experience. You might feel a slight tingle on your scalp as you use this product, but this cooling sensation is exactly what your hair needs to break free of buildup and lackluster strands.

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7. Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Shampoo

Philip Kingsley has embraced the power of combating excess oil at the roots whilst nurturing hair that gets dry at the ends. The Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Shampoo uses a lightweight, gentle formula to hydrate and maintain the health of the hair. The best shampoo for oily hair that's also medium to long and textured! This intelligent Shampoo imparts weightless moisture  as it gently cleans away excess sebum whilst multitasking to smooth frizz and enhance healthy hair shine. This shampoo is perfect for everyday use, as it cleanses your hair without stripping or over drying. Ultimately revealing cleaner, fresher hair.

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8. Matrix Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo

Matrix has always been a high-end brand, and their Matrix Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo definitely delivers high-end results. Lemongrass extract, sage, and cucumber extracts help cleanse and purify the hair without drying it out making this the ideal shampoo for oily hair that is colour treated. Fine, curly, coarse, straight, wavy and damaged hair will all benefit from the deep cleansing action this vegan formula provides. Use as often as needed to combat excess oil and cleanse your locks; this shampoo will reset your hair to help you put your best do forward.

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The best shampoo for oily hair will definitely help, but it isn't the only way to combat oil production. When the scalp gets irritated, it tends to produce more oil to help soothe it. Some tips to care for your hair include washing your hair early in the day (sebaceous glands work harder at night, who knew!?) Additionally, avoiding tight hairstyles and braids that pull at your scalp and minimizing exposure to extra hot water and hot styling tools.

Another tip is to use less conditioner than you think you need, especially at the roots. Comb your hair gently instead of brushing vigorously; not only will it protect your scalp, but it will help halt the distribution of oil throughout your hair. No matter what, don't be afraid to wash your hair frequently to feel your best. If you're using the best shampoo for oily hair, you won't run the risk of drying it out or causing damage.