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An afternoon at the Activeskin Salon

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 28 Sep, 2022

An afternoon at the Activeskin Salon

I spent an afternoon at the Activeskin Salon in Balgowlah, where I spoke with one of their highly experienced Therapists, received a LED treatment and had a Skin Needling treatment.

Check out what treatments I had and their benefits below!


I was in the market for a new cleanser, scrub and a day & night cream, so I came to Brooke, at Activeskin, for some guidance as to what products I should be using for my skin type. 

Here’s what she suggested:

Ultraceuticals Ultra Brightening Cleanser 

The key ingredient in this product is Niacinamide, which fights free radical damage and reduces inflammation. 

Medik8 Pore Refining Scrub 

The key ingredients in this product are Salicylic and Mandelic acids, which dissolve deep seated impurities. The Medik8 Pore Refining Scrub is a physical and chemical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells. 

O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30

The key ingredient in this product is Zinc Oxide. I’m already loving this product because of its sheer lightweight feel.

Eminence Artic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream

There are a few key ingredients in this organic product, which are Artic Plants and Berries, and Hibiscus Seed Oil. Artic plants and berries are rich in antioxidants & vitamins, and Hibiscus Seed Oil is also rich in antioxidants and is perfect for supporting the skin's elasticity. 

Dermal Pen Pro Micro-Needling

My first treatment of the afternoon was Skin Needling. I had been desperate to try skin needling because I wanted to reduce my pore size, so I came to Brooke for my first treatment…I’ll definitely be going back now that I know all the other benefits and I’m sure you will once you’ve read this list!

Skin Needling Benefits:

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Reduces large pores

Improves the skin's elasticity

Smooths uneven skin tone

Stimulates collagen production

Reduces the appearance of pigmentation


Healite LED Light Therapy

Once my skin needling was finished I went over to the LED treatment, which helped reduce inflammation from the needling. To learn more about Skin Needling head to our blog all about Skin Needling and Why you need to try it.

Benefits of LED:

Stimulates cellular activity 

Increases collagen production

Wound healing

Reduces inflammation


You can watch a snippet of my afternoon at the Activeskin Salon below!