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How To Make Your Bathroom Come Al.ive

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 19 May, 2023

Top Tips To Making Your Bathroom Come Al.ive!

Blog Credit: Al.ive Body | Alisa & Lysandra Fraser

If you’ve had a baby, you know that one of the most exciting parts of the journey is setting up the nursery, until you’re so busy and tired when the baby arrives that you barely even notice the love you put in it in the first place. Your bathroom is very much the same. Read on as Alive Body Founders, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, share with us 5 styling tips that will make your bathroom come AL.IVE!

Whether your wet areas are new or old or in need of renovation, styling can breathe in fresh air into the spaces you tend to take for granted, even though you spend a considerable amount of time in them, every single day. Small stylistic changes can enhance not only the décor, but also their daily functionality, which can help you enjoy and even crave these spaces more. Here’s how to go about it:


Alisa and Lysandra believe that our spaces should be lean. Not only from the perspective of how much stuff we tend to hold on to, but also the quality of the products we choose to consume.

Get ready to go on a spring (c)lean.

Gather everything from your drawers, vanity countertops, even the floor and in the one space. Then, one by one decide what you’re keeping and what you’re letting go of based on two principles of lean thinking. First, ask yourself  “do I need this”? Is it adding value, ease or joy when you use it (if you actually use it at all), and second, “do the ingredients of this product compromise my health in any way”?  Whichever item passes the test of these two questions, can stay; the rest must go! You’d be surprised just how much you’ll let go of, and it’s only once you’ve gone lean that you can start your mini makeover.


Towels are your bathroom’s wardrobe. Much like your clothing, with regular use and washing, towels lose their softness, their absorption ability, and their colour overtime. We can go as far as saying that some towels even feel harsh on the skin, like sand paper.

When this occurs, you know its time to invest in new sets of towels, which are inexpensive considering how much visual value they can add to your wet areas. Choose monochrome towels that won’t compete with your décor and make sure they’re thirsty, soft, and made of quality Egyptian cotton fibres. As always, sustainability is on top of our agenda, so what can you do with your old towels? Repurpose them! Cut them into squares and use them to mop spills or to clean glass, mirror or window surfaces. Alternatively, your local RSPCA will gladly welcome them no matter what condition they are in. Whatever you choose to do with them, just make sure they don’t end up in landfill!


Toiletries come in all shapes and sizes, and for that reason they can create visual havoc if left on your countertop. Store them away, and instead only feature a vanity countertop arrangement that becomes your “go-to” for daily self-care. On a tray of your choice, create a vignette with your favourite al.ive body hand wash and lotion, along with an arrangement of flowers or a small plant.  You can add other accessories like an ayurvedic dry brush, or your favourite soy candle, but remember not to overfill it!

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Stools are not only practical but also highly aesthetic additions for your bathroom; unfortunately they are often overlooked. They are handy for your self-care routines (waxing, exfoliating, applying toe nail polish) and can compliment the look and feel of your space.

The design choices are endless; from the Marcel Wanders stone stool by Kartell, to other more natural choices like Indian carved timber stools. You can add a maximum of three bathroom accessories on them depending on their surface size, but in most cases they are a styling accessory on their own, so the right placement is enough to make your wet areas pop!


To achieve a tranquil, balanced look and feel that will help you indulge, we recommend bringing nature indoors with the addition of multiple plants. Beautifully potted orchids or peace lilies add textural appeal, while other selections like monsteras, or kentia palms (if you space permits) have the capacity to completely transform your wet areas. If your bathroom receives low or artificial light, and if you’re worried about your ability to nurture your plants, sansevierias (mother in law tongues), which also come in dwarf varieties are your best choice.

Above all, the best tip on how to make your bathroom come AL.IVE is to embrace the momentum. Treat this as a weekend project, immerse yourself in the fun or restyling, and we promise the results will be felt immediately!

Oh, and don't forget your Al.ive Body products to keep the entire theme of your bathroom clean and aesthetic! From nappy cream to hand & body wash, Al.ive has everything you need for a clean and beautiful bathroom.