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7 Simple Ways to Enhance your Spring Wellness Routine

published on 22 Aug, 2022

Spring has Sprung!

The colder months are finally behind us and we’re so ready to upgrade our wellness routine and take a little more time for ourselves. Let’s be honest, the winter months aren’t a time to be motivated to get outside and go for that pre-work walk, or head to the local markets to buy seasonal fruits and veggies… but with rising temperatures and lighter evenings now is the time to reset and refresh your routine. 

We don’t mean to set unrealistic expectations that you know you can’t upkeep, like those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions, but just take an extra 5-10 minutes a day to clean your makeup brushes or light a candle and relax! 

We’ve tried to make your life a little easier by writing a list of our top suggestions to upgrading your wellness routine this season. 

1.  Shop seasonally 

Stock up on some fresh fruit and vegetables from your local market. You could start making yourself smoothies for breakfast or a fresh salad for lunch. Give your gut a cleanse…after all selfcare starts from within!

2. Go for morning walks 

We know it’s hard to get up in the morning during the colder months, but now the mornings are lighter and warmer. Why not get your daily step count in and increase those endorphins before work? Trust us, it’ll make you feel good and ready for the day ahead.  

3. Ingestibles

We highly recommend starting your day with some supplements or ingestibles, whether you take collagen, probiotics or a superfood powder. We’ve helped you out and suggested our favourite ingestible this season.

4. Wear your spf and reapply regularly

It’s an obvious one but remember to apply spf everyday… and reapply often! Let’s keep that skin protected, youthful and glowing throughout Spring and Summer. 

5. Have a bath and use salts 

Take some time out, whether you set aside 40 minutes every Sunday to reset and relax before another busy week. Take a book in the bath or set up your Netflix so you can really switch off. Here’s a few of our top picks for the ultimate relaxation.

6. Light a candle (take time for yourself)

There’s not much to say here… who doesn’t love a candle burning! Why not light that candle whilst you’re relaxing in the bath. 

7. Clean your makeup brushes

We’re all guilty of not cleaning our makeup brushes enough, but still wonder why we get those annoying pimples! It’s time to change that and put this into your routine.

Now that you have our top tips on the ultimate wellness routine  it’s time for you to get Spring ready!