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An Interview with Jeremy Muijs - Founder of Grown Alchemist

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 17 Apr, 2024

We Sat Down with the Co-Founder & CEO of Grown Alchemist

It’s a brand you have probably heard of before and for good reason! Grown Alchemist is a natural and clean beauty brand taking the world by storm with their organic, cruelty-free, toxin-free formulations that deliver. This on-trend and conscious beauty brand is right at home in a holistic wellness centre or equally a luxury day spa. Spanning skincare, body products, targeted treatment serums and more, Grown Alchemist has established a beautiful dominance as the go-to botanical beauty brand that never compromises on performance. 

We sat down with the Co-Founder and CEO of Grown Alchemist, Jeremy Muijs, to chat about the early days of Grown Alchemist and why he started the brand with his brother Keston. If you haven’t yet tried this incredible brand, we think this is just the sign you needed!

What Inspired You to Create Grown Alchemist?

After working for many years as consultants in product and brand development, we decided to move towards the natural side of the skincare market. It was during this shift that we witnessed our clinical results demonstrating improved cellular function when exposed to natural ingredients. It is this realisation that gave birth to Grown Alchemist, and which continues to inspire us today.

The name encapsulates the duality of our brand, one that is built on biology, then backed by science. As a brand, we have one foot firmly planted in the natural world utilising the power botanicals we use in our formulations, and the other rooted in the alchemy of science in order to harness the potency of these naturally occurring ingredients. This duality makes us who we are as a brand.

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What is Your Brand Ethos?

For us, beauty is all about health, which is often a departure from how our industry has traditionally defined it. In fact, our brand ethos is built on the equation that healthy equals cellular function equals beauty. Rather than trying to run a race to nip and tuck every part that is considered an ‘imperfection’, we see the idea of beauty as a holistic concept that strives to achieve optimal internal bodily function and that results in a ‘beautiful’, radiant exterior.

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Who Are Your Products Most Suitable For?

Our products are designed to suit all skin types, even the most sensitive skin types. Our products range from skincare, to hand care and body care, to hair care products, as well as Nutricosmetics. To us, we look at beauty from a holistic approach. Our products are 100% natural and they are certified toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. We are also independently certified by organisations such as Think Dirty and Positive Luxury for using not only clean ingredients but also our commitment to a sustainable future. On top of that, our products are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free. So it is safe for everyone to use.

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If you Could go Anywhere in the World Right Now, Where Would it be and Why?

Italy for culture, I love the Italian space and getting absorbed in their cultural canvas. For chilling out, I'm happy on any island so long as it has palm trees and warm, tropical air, but honestly, there's no place like home in Melbourne, spending time with my family.

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When and Where do you Feel Most Inspired?

When I am with my family. My personal motto is: Always be present and enjoy the journey!

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