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How To Combat Dry Skin

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 20 Jun, 2023

How To Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

Blog Credit: Kora Organics | Kylie Wells

Dry skin can feel tight and itchy, and look rough, flaky and scaly as well. It can be caused by various factors such as cold/or dry weather, over-bathing, harsh soaps and sun damage. 

However, there are steps you can take, and things to avoid, to combat dry skin: 


One of the main reactions to bathing in very hot water is being left with noticeably dry skin. This is because the water strips away the skins’ natural oils and the protective sebum leaving it craving for moisture. We need to preserve and protect our skin barrier to keep our skin healthy. 

You can avoid this by patting your skin dry, rather than course rubbing with a towel, and then moisturize right away. This helps to seal moisture into your skin and boost the health of cells on your skins’ surface.  

Try to bath in warm water, not hot, and limit showers to 5-10mins. 


Pay attention to what you are using to cleanse your skin. Many popular face cleansers and body washes are formulated to remove previous skin oils, and daily usage can strip the moisture from your skin and leave it looking dull feeling tight and resulting in flaky skin. 

Opt for a pH friendly cleanser designed to thoroughly cleanse without stripping the skin.    


The skin tends to be at its driest in the winter because of the cold and dry weather, as well as from indoor heaters and air conditioners. 

It’s important to step up your skin care routine when winter rolls around, by adding layers to your routine such as doubling up on a moisturizer and face oil!


By exfoliating dead skin cells away, you increase blood circulation and promote cell renewal; improving your skins’ appearance.  

Add an exfoliant to your face and body skincare routine, this will remove dormant dead skin cells on your skins’ surface and boost glow too. 


Add an overnight hydrating mask to your routine. Our body heals and repairs itself at night, so it’s the perfect time to boost your beauty routine.  

You can leave it on overnight, or just for 10-15 minutes several times per week for maximum results.  


Keep your body hydrated to keep your skin hydrated. It’s vital all year round! 

Fill one/or two bottles of purified water every morning to remember to drink your water goals each day.