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How to Look After Your Eyes

written by: Lauren - Digital Marketingpublished on 13 Mar, 2024

Blog Credit: Dr. Hauschka

Hey Bright Eyes!

The delicate area around the eyes is much thinner than other parts of the body because it does not have subcutaneous fatty tissue, which makes it particularly sensitive and prone to wrinkles. Morning application of eye creams is a must to nourish and protect your eye contour area during the day. 


› Always warm your eye cream or balm between your two ring fingers and apply lightly from inner to outer, in the direction of lymph flow.

› We found that the use eye creams or balm at night is likely to cause puffy morning eyes, and you don’t need environment protection overnight. 

› Lighter night care in the form of Night Serum or Regenerating Serum applied to your face, and also to your eye contour at night. 

Use your Dr. Hauschka Cream Mask (Revitalising, Firming, Hydrating or Soothing) on the eye contour area as an ‘eye mask’ once or twice a week.

Protects Eye Contour Area

Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream

› Helps to Minimise fine lines and wrinkles

› For all skin conditions

› Nourishes and refines the delicate skin around the eyes, which is particularly prone to wrinkles and dryness

› This moisture rich formulation safely and naturally firms, leaving skin soft, smooth and resilient

› Pineapple fruit extract is rich in vitamins and minerals, gives moisture and a pleasant, fresh feeling

› Softening marshmallow and calming calendula

› Rose distillate, blended with avocado, macadamia nut and sea buckthorn oils moisturise, to nourish and tone

› Ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers

› Light texture which is rapidly absorbed

Visibly Minimises Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream

› To support a maturing skin

› Light texture which is rapidly absorbed

› Supports the skin’s natural regenerative functions

› Smoothing and refines the delicate skin around the eyes

› Works to reduce premature signs of ageing

› Antioxidant-rich red clover, acerola berries and sea buckthorn neutralise free radicals, enhancing skin tone and elasticity

› Birch leaf, quince seed and precious borage seed oil refine pores and balance moisture

› Nourishing plants oils such as jojoba and macadamia support skin elasticity, replenish and soften

› Shea butter, beeswax and cacao seed butter soften and protect

› Ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers

Soothes, Nurtures and Protects

Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm

› For all skin conditions

› Beeswax based, rich and highly protective and leaves skin feeling silky-smooth

› Only use a rice grain size amount and melt between two ring fingers, then apply

› Rich and highly protective

› Carrot, rich in provitamin A carrot, calendula and anthyllis soothe delicate skin

› Apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and beeswax moisturise, soften and smooth dry skin and fine lines

Tips for Preventing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

› Wear UV protective sunglasses, even on cloudy days, and a wide brimmed hat. 

› Use a natural and organic eye cream with nourishing botanicals such as Daily Hydrating Eye Cream or Regenerating Eye Cream. Eye Balm is super rich and protective, think winter days and being out on the sports field. 

› Keep hydrated.

› Have an eye test once every couple of years, because you don’t want to be unnecessarily squinting or straining your eyes, if you need glasses.

› Give your eyes a rest, have a screen break and lay cool tea bags over your eyes, or even better use Eye Revive.

› Treat your eyes and eye area with the utmost care. Gently remove eye make-up with our dual-phase Eye Make-up Remover with precious rose water and castor oil, botanical extracts of eyebright (Euphrasia) and fennel to harmonise and soothe the particularly delicate and sensitive skin in the eye area. Shake it up for an effective eye make-up remover which will even effortlessly remove waterproof make-up.