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Rita Ora Introduces TYPEBEA: Performance Led Haircare

written by: Lauren - Digital Marketingpublished on 18 Apr, 2024

Blog Credit: TYPEBEA

Rita Ora Introduces TYPEBEA: Performance Led Haircare For All Hair Types

Rita Ora and global beauty entrepreneur Anna Lahey have launched their foray into the haircare market with TYPEBEA - a high-performing haircare brand for hair growth and health. The range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and an overnight peptide scalp serum. All products have been formulated with clean, sulphate, paraben, silicone-free ingredients and scalp care actives for visibly thicker, stronger, longer hair across a wide range of styles, textures and types.

For founders Ora and Lahey, TYPEBEA has been three years in the making. The two first connected through Lahey’s global #1 marine collagen brand, Vida Glow, which soon gave way to a passion for haircare derived from personal experiences. For years Lahey struggled to find a tangible solution for the extreme hair loss she was facing, and, Ora, who's spent the majority of her career colouring, cutting and changing her hair in many different ways - struggled with damage from extreme heat and over styling. In navigating their own challenges and witnessing first hand the detrimental impact hair can have on self-confidence, the founders saw the need for effective, clean and inclusive haircare - a real solution to a beauty concern many face.

Rita shared, “My hair has been through so many journeys over the years, and I got to the point where I thought my hair was beyond repair. When I met Anna, I fell in love with the idea of creating something that could restore not just the health of my hair, but for other people too who have gone through their own stages of hair health. The confidence I’m finally starting to feel about my hair now is something I want everyone to experience. Using Anna’s decade of experience in formulating science-backed beauty products, we have worked tirelessly on a range that is clinically proven to increase hair growth, improve health and help people love their hair.”

Anna added, “TYPEBEA has been such a passion project for both Rita and I, and we were committed to doing things differently. Hair is something so personal, which is why performance was a key criteria in formulating our range - using powerful actives and clean ingredients clinically proven to deliver results. We wanted to create a community and give them an effective solution to make them feel good about their hair.”

TYPEBEA is designed to offer both sensorial luxury with rich lathers and bespoke fragrances, and clinically backed results. The range is powered by Baicapil, an active proven to reduce hair loss by up to 60% in 3 months.

G•1 Overnight Boosting Peptide


A traceless, leave-in scalp serum to support hair growth on the go, with no sticky residue. Suitable for use on wet or dry hair for easy product adoption, this overnight peptide promotes hair growth and is proven to reduce hair loss by 60% in 3 months.

G•2 Strength + Length Shampoo


A gently clarifying, volumising shampoo to revitalize the scalp and support natural hair growth by balancing scalp pH. Chemically exfoliates scalp to remove product build-up and thoroughly cleanses without snagging or breakage.

G•3 Strength + Length Conditioner


A silicone-free and lightweight yet moisturising conditioner that hydrates, detangles and smooths. Formulated with plant-based keratin to penetrate the hair cuticle and optimise damage repair, while supporting natural hair growth.

G•4 Hydra-gloss Treatment


A silicone-free hydrating treatment mask infused with biomimetic ceramide to reduce split ends, hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, argan oil for shine and shea butter for moisture. This mask will strengthen, lengthen and gloss.

“It’s time to redefine your relationship with your hair. To feel confident and love your hair for exactly its type. We created TYPEBEA to get you there.”