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Discover impressive hair growth no matter your hair type with the advanced formulations from TYPEBEA. This high-performance hair care from dynamic duo Rita Ora, and Vida Glow founder Anna Lahey, offers clean hair care products for all hair types, lengths and textures. This prestigious hair care collection helps to reinstate your self-confidence as the nourishing formulas optimise hair growth with each application. The clinically proven TYPEBEA formulations boast sulphate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free ingredients in addition to therapeutic scalp care actives whilst helping to repair and fortify individual strands. The key is to hone in on creating a healthy scalp from which hair growth can thrive. By enabling this, TYPEBEA hair care can become an extension of your skincare by nourishing the scalp to nurture new hair growth for optimal strength, length and resilience.

Does TYPEBEA Work on Thinning Hair?

TYPEBEA offers salon quality and efficacious hair care ideal for supporting healthy hair growth from root to tip, across every hair type and condition, including heat styled and colour treated hair. Specialising in preventing hair loss and thinning hair whilst enhancing the overall hair health, this highly efficacious collection helps support a healthy scalp for optimal hair growth. This clean beauty hair care range intelligently reinforces hair vitality through clinically proven formulations, to strengthen each hair strand to prevent breakage. Simply follow the directions for use of the shampoo & conditioner before reaching for additional protection via the TYPEBEA G1 Overnight Boosting Peptide Serum and TYPEBEA G4 Hydra-Gloss Treatment Mask. When used in combination results are amplified, to enhance the integrity of every hair strand whilst optimal hair growth is well supported.

The Best TYPEBEA Products

TYPEBEA boasts an all inclusive hair care range to visibly improve hair softness, smoothness, shine and length. Across a variety of hair lengths, textures, thickness and degrees of damage, TYPEBEA excels to beautify and strengthen hair, encouraging healthy hair growth with every use. Their shampoo and conditioner collectively add pure volume through weightless yet nourishing formulations that help to purify the scalp and visibly smooth the hair. Furthermore, the TYPEBEA G2 Strength & Length Shampoo and TYPEBEA G3 Strength & Length Conditioner repair the hair and prevent breakage for longer, thicker and healthier looking hair. Encompassing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides, Panthenol and botanical extracts, this streamlined prestige hair care delivers targeted hair growth solutions, no matter your type. 

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