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Tribe Skincare's Biggest Secret Revealed!

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 19 Dec, 2022

The 3 Best Anti-ageing Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

Okay, we get it. Mastering skincare when you have sensitive skin can be a struggle…What products should I be using; am I using too many products; should I even HAVE a skincare regime; and lastly, how do I battle aging when I have sensitive skin? 

We all have one of those ‘annoying, problem-free skin’ friends who can try out every TikTok skincare trend without damaging or ruining their skin. We also get that when you don’t know what you should be using, scrolling through socials for skincare inspiration just isn’t going to work!

But, it’s okay we’re here for those of you that can’t find that perfect regime on socials! 

Now combine that struggle with the (quiet) hope that the products you use are also anti-ageing, safe for sensitive skin, and all-natural. That shouldn’t be asking for too much, right? 

We have the brand for you, if this is something that runs through your mind on a daily basis.  All we have to say is Tribe. Tribe have an anti–ageing range that is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Ageing skin can bring on dryness, flaking, redness and extra sensitivity. Packed with anti- inflammatories and hydrators, the entire range contains ingredients to help reduce the signs of ageing and slow the inevitable process.

Which anti-ageing ingredients should I use for sensitive skin? 

Tribe have put together their essential ingredients to target anti-ageing. Let’s take a look!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C should be at the top of your list. Commonly seen as L-ascorbic acid on skincare labels, it’s a powerful antioxidant, working as the defender for damaged skin caused by free radicals (think air pollution, alcohol, UV radiation). It also stimulates collagen production, a substance found throughout the body, from our joints to our muscles and even our blood. Collagen is most known for skin, nails and hair health. So anything that promotes increased production can also help your skin stay firmer for longer, and display a smoother, more brightened appearance.

Vitamin C can be beautiful to use in a morning skincare routine, as it provides a dewy glow no matter how little sleep you might’ve had the night before.

Hyaluronic Acid

Now we know we said anti-ageing is a team effort and all, but Hyaluronic Acid is the queen of moisture and works wonders for your skin.

Skincare products containing Hyaluronic Acid can help your skin retain a lot of moisture, particularly for the top layer, making it look and feel softer and more plump. This effectively combats signs of ageing by filling out the skin, reducing the depth of fine lines and minimising the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural Oils

What makes our range so special at Tribe is that it is 100% natural. You could mistake some of our ingredients, such as almond, mandarin and avocado, for things that you’d find in the pantry, but they’re even more delicious when used on your skin.

Natural oils are lipophilic, enabling them to trap all of the lovely moisturise in our skin while simultaneously keeping toxins out. Natural oils are as close as you can get to our skin’s natural sebum. This works as a wonderful substitute for skin that’s on the drier side. It gifts your skin with that highly sought-after glistening appearance, as well as leaving it feeling incredibly smooth.

Now it's time to get your anti-ageing regime together for you sensitive skin. Say goodbye to skincare stress!