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6 Naturopath Tips to Combat Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 26 Sep, 2022

6 Naturopath Tips to combat puffy eyes and dark circles. 


If you suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes and have tried every trick in the book to banish them, this article is for you! 


Genetically I have been endowed with the dark circle gene, my auto-immune condition and lack of sleep seem to also exacerbate the tendency for me to wake up with puffy, tired peepers. 


Having recently understood more about how our kidney/liver health, allergies and blood circulation can impact our eye “beauty”, I seem to be able to combat this frustrating condition. Here are my tips on how you can as well!

6 Naturopath tips for targeting under-eye circles, puffiness and fine lines!

Avoid histamines, salt, and preservatives

A few of the key culprits to puffy eyes can be inflammation caused by allergic reactions most often triggered by high histamine foods. They have the effect of making your body hold onto more water, not what you need if you have a tendency for “baggy eyes”. 

You will know that this is the cause if you have tuna, processed meat, soy, red wine or vinegar, or salty snacks and wake up to inflamed eyes. Whilst avoiding these foods can be of help, taking the time to heal your gut can reduce this tendency. I recommend using our Skin + Gut Renew Powder, SB Boulardii strain of probiotic (this is actually a yeast) and a herbal antimicrobial, berberine and golden seal are my two favourites.

Improve blood circulation

Stagnation of lymph and blood flow can all result in tendency for inflammation around the eye area (as well as other parts of the body). Taking the time to exercise, reducing long periods of sitting down and taking herbs such as gingko, parsley and dandelion can be fantastic for helping to shift fluid and reduce puffy eyes. 

I love applying caffeine topically as a stimulant to improve blood circulation. Look for an eye cream such as our & Gold Rush Eye Cream which contains caffeine as a quick fix for puffy eyes. Making parsley tea or applying Parsley Extract topically (you will find this in our Diamond Rush Eye Serum), is another great way to improve circulation. Crushed Diamond powder found in this formulation is also a great way of improving micro-circulation.

Look after your liver and kidneys

The kidneys and liver are instrumental in shifting fluid and toxins and ensuring inflammation does not arise around your eyes and face. Some of my favourite kidney and liver-loving herbs include Turmeric, Dandelion and Berberine which can be found in our Skin + Liver Cleanse Tablets. Sip on dandelion leaf, nettle or cleavers tea for extra support. Limit sodium intake and enjoy plenty of water rich foods such as celery, cucumber and lettuce.

Improve capillary strength around the eye area

Improving eye microcapillary integrity is an effective way to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. This ensures capillaries are kept strong and tight and are not subject to inflammation or “vasodilation” which is what ultimately leads to puffy eyes. As we age the skin under our eyes can become much thinner than the rest of the skin on your face and tiny gaps can form in the dermis where fluid may accumulate making eyes appear puffy. Our Diamond Rush Eye Serum contains two unique Algae Polysaccharide Complexes obtained from marine biotechnology. By inhibiting inflammation, they can also combat fluid leakage around the eyes thereby reducing puffiness. Peptides found in our Diamond Rush Eye Serum are also effective at strengthening the eye dermis, reducing the tendency for fluid build-up.

Sleep tips

There is no denying that fatigue and lack of shut eye can cause bags.

Another one of my go-to tips is to sleep with your pillow slightly elevated, making it easier for fluid to drain. Drinking more water during the day and reducing alcohol consumption at night will also assist with both a good night’s sleep, and keeping your peepers healthy, revitalised and sparkling. 

When all else fails

If you are waking up to puffy eyes and need an immediate quick fix until you address your gut, kidney and liver health, a fantastic way to achieve immediate results is by using our Diamond Rush Eye Serum along with our Beauty Tool. The roller part of the Beauty Tool can instantly shift fluid for awake and radiant eyes. Follow with a cold compress of green tea or good old cucumbers and you will be set!