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SVR, The Highest Concentration of Active Ingredients In French Skincare

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 11 Oct, 2022

SVR, The Highest Concentration of Active Ingredients In French Skincare

100% Tested on Sensitive Skin

In 1962, Simone Véret, a pharmacist, developed unique skincare formulations in the back room of her pharmacy. She was passionate and cared deeply about how formulations of specific active ingredients could work to target skin concerns. Her pharmacy, located right next to the beach, was never empty, and holidaymakers slathered themselves in sunscreen prior to going to the beach and with  CALMOBRUL, the potion she created herself, if they had been in the sun for too long. Her husband, Robert Véret witnessed the small skin miracles every day and pushed Simone to develop her own brand so that everyone was able to access the life-changing formulations she created.

Over 60 years later, Laboratoire SVR has the very same obsession; offering fragile skin dermatological solutions with exceptionally high concentrations of active ingredients for fast, visible results. Prescribed by dermatologists in more than 45 countries, SVR has managed to grow without losing sight of its values.

Indeed, its core mission “Look Good, Feel Good”, is capturing the feeling of glowing both internally and externally.

SVR range

Positioning themselves as affordable cosmeceuticals, SVR is particularly well known for its [A], [B3], [C], highly concentrated vitamin anti-ageing serums that tackle all signs of ageing for plumped, soothed & radiant skin. They are enriched with Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), or Vitamin C & Vitamin E and formulated for sensitive skins.

SVR range
Vitamin C ampoule

Target: Skin that is dull, tired, with an uneven complexion, with fine lines and wrinkles

Benefit: Formulated with 20% stabilised Vitamin C, specifically formulated for sensitive skin lacking of radiance!

SVR range

The SVR versatile range allows you to mix and match to find the bespoke solution to your unique skincare needs.

Any active serum can be paired with the BIOTIC range, a Probiotic anti-ageing skincare enriched with Vitamin C & hyaluronic acid to smooth, strengthen and rejuvenate the skin.

SVR range
Hyalu Biotic

Target: Dehydrated sensitive skin with fine lines and tightness

Benefit: A lightweight gel moisturiser boosted with pasteurised probiotics, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to plump skin and smooth away wrinkles and fine lines caused by dehydration

SVR range

Another point of difference is SVR commitment against endocrine disruptors. As a dermo cosmetic laboratory with a large family audience and concerned with the safety and tolerance of its products, SVR wanted to have concrete answers, through a series of tests carried out on their formulas. These tests were conducted on estrogen, androgenic and thyroid endocrine mechanisms. Today this initiative is still very key for the laboratory.


As a summary, SVR Key Points of Difference:
  • “The most concentrated in dermatological active ingredients. 100% tested on sensitive skins”
  • Developed by Pharmacists, prescribed by dermatologists
  • High concentration of dermatological ingredients that are clinically proven and co-developed with SVRs scientific board
  • Formulas are biodegradable, and packaging is easily recyclable
  • The formulas feature sensorial textures, pleasant fragrances and simplistic, yet chic packaging
  • Versatile range allows you to mix and match to find the bespoke solution to your unique skincare needs
  • Free from potential endocrine disruptors