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The Key Player for Healthy Skin

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 9 Aug, 2022

Why the skin’s microbiome is a key player for a healthy skin? F

Did you know that your skin has its very own little eco community and is covered with invisible microorganisms that help to keep your skin balanced and healthy? It’s called “skin microbiome”.  

The skin barrier (stratum corneum) is made up of our barrier lipids, acid mantle and microbiome and together make up the first line of defence for your skin.

The skins acid mantle which is slightly acidic is made of sebum and sweat, and is designed to protect the skin against pathogens, whilst the barrier lipids in our skin make up the “mortar” in the bricks and mortar foundation. but what is microbiome and what is its role for the skin?

Your skin is covered with microorganisms called microbiome. It’s these microbiomes that help to keep your skin balanced and healthy. They work in assisting our immune cells to recognise the difference between good and bad microorganisms and keep homeostasis (balance) of our skin barrier in check. Every person has a different skin microbiome and when there is an imbalance and bad bacteria outweighs the good bacteria of this important skin flora, the baddies can stage a take-over which affects the overall health and wellness of our skin and how it functions.

Some skin conditions have been linked to dysbiosis or imbalance of skin microbiome like eczema, rosacea, acne or psoriasis and certain triggers can certainly have a negative effect like the environment, pollution, hormones, and harsh skincare products, to name a few.

Maintain optimal skin health by giving the skin what it needs to thrive, by opting for a clean skincare brand like Biologi. This revolutionary skincare provides your skin with 100% active pure plant nutrients and is so safe you can drink it!

Biologi recommends a simplified regime that starts with daily cleansing using their gentle but effective Bc Refresh Cleanser to remove dirt, make-up, and pollution, without stripping and drying the skin. Then apply a daily all-in-one serum according to your skin’s needs and goals to increase hydration, nourish your skin cells, and build in antioxidant protection. Incorporate the Br Rosehip Oil to further lock in moisture and provide essential fatty acids when your skin needs extra nourishment and introduce the Bx Reveal exfoliant 1 -2 a week to encourage healthy cellular turnover.

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