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Behind The Mask: Why Everyone's Masking

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 19 May, 2023

Discover the Bondi Boost way of masking

Blog Credit: BondiBoost

Hair masks—we love them. We love the feel, the smell, and the promise of hair magic that comes with immersing your hair in a nourishing nutra-pack for a while so it can soak up extra healthy goodness. But does masking live up to our expectations? Are they enough to make a difference? Or for that matter, are they haircare overkill?

 As vital as a shampoo or conditioner, each system includes a unique mask that supports and amplifies the effects of the other products—the shampoo, the conditioner, and the leave-in treatment. The aloe-based shampoos gently cleanse your hair (without over-drying, of course.) The aloe-based conditioners follow up with nourishment for your specific haircare needs. The leave-in treatments target those specific needs even further, with a potent extra zap of nourishing ingredients. But the hair masks lavish hair with a weekly vacay into a world of ultra-nourishing, richly moisturizing, and super-hydrating ingredients like Australian Queensland nut oils, shea butter, jojoba oils, argan oils, plus a healthy helping of ingredients that are custom blended for your particular haircare need.

Put on the right mask once a week, and your hair will show its appreciation in a dramatic way.

So how do you find a mask your hair will love?

BondiBoost offers a range of masks, designed for all types of hair. Selecting the right one for you is easy—Just find your hair described below.

Brittle hair that just won’t seem to grow?

Try the BondiBoost Miracle Hair Mask for longer, stronger, healthier-looking hair! The Miracle Mask is clinically proven to improve split ends by 84% after 4 uses*

*Based on an invitro study of bleached hair tresses

General lackluster hair that’s dry, dull and has split ends?

Try the BondiBoost Overnight Magic Hair Mask- it’s magic in a jar that gives you luscious locks while you sleep!

Seeing split ends? Do you have distressed, over-processed hair that’s in desperate need of nourishment?

Try the BondiBoost Rapid Repair Hair Mask - it’s an SOS for hair in distress!

Thin, limp hair that is missing that oomph?

Try the BondiBoost Thickening Therapy Hair Mask for instant volume and thicker hair- plump up the volume!

Dry, parched hair that’s screaming for hydration?

Try the Bondi Boost Heavenly Hydration Hair Mask for instant and long-lasting hydration- it’s a tidal wave of nutrients!

Wild, unruly frizz?

Try the BondiBoost Anti-Frizz Hair Mask to hydrate and nourish even the most unruly frizz for a smooth, sleek mane- It’s the ultimate frizz fighter!

Brassy, warm undertones that keep popping up?

Try the BondiBoost colour toning masks to banish brassiness- only cool tones here!

For Brunette Hair, use the BondiBoost Brunette Booster Hair Mask

For Blonde Hair, use the BondiBoost Blonde Baby Purple Mask

Dry, irritated, flakey scalp?

Try the BondiBoost Dandruff Repair Mask to soothe and calm irritated skin while eliminating flakes with the active ingredient Piroctone Olamine- No flakes here!