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The 4 Best Natural And Organic Makeup Brands To Know

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 3 Jan, 2024

The Best Chemical Free Makeup Brands

I'm no professional makeup artist, however, my skills (and my extensive collection of lip gloss) are that of an enthusiast. Whether it be the creativity it allows to flow or the confidence it delivers, makeup is something that has become second nature. From touching up my under-eye area for a lazy day to popping open my highlighter for special occasions, makeup has managed to work its way into my day-to-day. Therefore, as something my skin meets with regularly, becoming knowledgeable of what I'm layering onto my face is a necessity. 

Organic and natural cosmetics are holding their own within the beauty industry as a beautiful extension of skincare. So why is clean makeup getting so much air time, and why should we make room for them on the daily?

Natural vs Organic

Let’s be honest; there's a little bit of a stigma behind organic and natural cosmetics. From providing "too little coverage" to "short term wear", myths surrounding organic and natural makeup therefore need debunking. It’s time to banish the stain of negativity with real information and break down some of the “green washing” claims we are exposed to. 

‘Natural’ and ‘organic’ labels are constantly thrown around within the beauty industry, so much so, that they've lost their meaning. On that account, let’s suss them out.

  • Natural Cosmetics
    You've got this one. Products made from naturally sourced ingredients. Think botanicals, minerals and everything non-synthetic.
  • Organic Cosmetics
    Although more grey to define, it can be simplified into how a product is handled, produced, and packaged with certification of the product’s organic status. 

Therefore, both natural and organic labels refer to products free of chemical toxins and man made ingredients. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

The Problem With Natural Product Claims

However, the regulation of these labels is poor. Therefore, if a label such as "natural" is weakly regulated, companies are given the opportunity to use it freely and loosely. Subsequently, the quality of the product or the ingredients within the product becomes questionable. More concerningly, although a company may label its products as natural, there is little investigation into the standard of this claim. Therefore, this creates a problem and a sticking point for us as avid cosmetic consumers. Consequently, finding products that are in fact naturally produced and organically processed, whilst ensuring quality isn't so black and white.

The Solution: Our Exclusive List

That's where our Activeskin Experts come in. We've done the research to give you the four best natural and organic makeup brands you need in your cosmetic case. They're true to their labels and they're oh-so good for your skin.

What Are The Best Clean Makeup Brands

1. Jane Iredale

After my investigation into the best natural and organic makeup brands, Jane Iredale was a top contender. Free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and chemical dyes, their products are preserved using only highly effective, natural ingredients. Additionally, the Jane Iredale non-comedogenic formulas prevent the clogging of pores with rich mineral pigments that wear beautifully on all skin types. (Natural? Organic? Tick!) What else do we love about this cosmetic company? Their cruelty-free makeup means it’s free of animal testing and it will never be sold in global markets where animal testing is required.

Now to test its effectiveness as a clean beauty makeup range. When I say pure mineral powders and long-lasting coverage, I mean it. Jane Iredale foundations & concealers like the best-selling Amazing Base Loose Powder SPF 20 boast purity, buildable coverage and natural inbuilt UV skin protection. Furthermore, Jane Iredale prides itself on its quality formulas creating skin benefits for normal, oily, dry, combination, sensitive and even blemish-prone skins. This superior natural range was developed to be so gentle and soothing on the skin that it can be applied post medical procedures and to help camouflage scarring. Providing superior coverage with a lightweight feel, the range caters to all skin types and tones. And that's why we love her.


2. INIKA Organic

INIKA is way ahead of the beauty game. You'll soon see why. As the number 1 Certified Organic makeup brand, this worldwide cosmetic company therefore, offers an all-natural range. Do I dare say more? Their pure processes ensure this Organic Certification whilst their rigorous testing ensures superior quality for your skin. Furthermore, using only pure botanicals and earth-derived minerals, INIKA products are additionally completely synthetic ingredient free and toxin-free.

Time to put the brand’s effectiveness to the test. INIKA Organic’s antioxidant-enriched formulations are created with pure mineral ingredients. This sought after brand has makeup enthusiasts wanting the INIKA Organic Bronzers & Illuminisors like the INIKA Organic Baked Mineral Bronzer - Sunbeam. Therefore, this natural and Certified Organic makeup range offers quality standards your skin will love. Discover flawless makeup applications with their range of foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, and mascaras and be sure to dip a toe into the exquisite INIKA Organics Skincare collection too!


3. Raww Australian Organics

This next Australian sourced cosmetic company holds a philosophy so revolutionary it would be criminal to exclude them from our exclusive list. Raww Australian Organics keeps it real and transparent so you can make informed decisions about what you apply to your skin. Excluding the nasties, Raww makeup prides themselves on their naturally sourced ingredients to furthermore create quality cosmetics. Free from parabens, chemicals, LSL, and sulphates (just to name a few), their natural and organic ingredients ensure their clear point of difference.

Now onto the effectiveness test. Catering for all skin types and tones through global shades, their cosmetic range offers filtered coverage and a buildable finish. Therefore, providing for our ever-changing wants and needs. Additionally, this vegan-friendly and cruelty free collection treads lightly, respecting people, animals and our planet. Time to open a new tab and get shopping!


4. Eye Of Horus

"Awaken your inner goddess." With Eye of Horus, that is. As a member of our exclusive list, their paraben-free cosmetics are organically sourced. By using natural oils, waxes, and organic ingredients this Australian-based company offers clean beauty and consciously considered makeup products. Drawing the benefits from Abyssinian Oil, Moringa Oil and Hemp Seed Oil on their natural ingredient list, their range additionally contains properties suitable for sensitive skin to leave it calm, balanced and soothed.

Offering gentle makeup-as-skincare, Eye of Horus truly is more than simple cosmetics. Their nurturing and intricate formulations provide anti aging skin care benefits for your skin whilst offering coverage, confidence and empowerment to every woman. Furthermore, the healing power of plants is present throughout the range to help heal the skin to keep it healthy, naturally.


Putting natural and organic makeup under the microscope isn't always so black and white. A lack of regulation, therefore, means we need to seek and understand the information ourselves in order to buy consciously. However, get a head start with our exclusive list of the four best natural and organic beauty brands to help your skin and our planet by choosing sustainable, natural and organic brands your skin can authentically love.